Importance of Water, Without Water No Life, Save Water

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Read Editorial, Subject: Water Importance, News Magazine: The Pulp and Paper Times.

Are we really following the ‘World Environment Day’?

Industrialization on the cost of poor village people’s life should not be accepted. Water is Life and to be available for everyone in clean form. Discharging of waste water from the various Industries especially if we talk about Pulp and Paper Industry isn’t maintaining the treatment norms for ETP in effective manner. The recent order of National Green Tribunal to test the ground water along the course of East Kali river. For years, the villagers were forced to drink contaminated water of hand-pumps, which drew water from the river. They said that the hand-pumps "spew venom" instead of fresh water, leading to spread of cancer and various other lifethreatening diseases.

According to a recent report, at least 20 people died of cancer in just three villages of neighbouring Bijnor due to contaminated water and over a dozen people were suffering from the deadly disease. Earlier, the NGT had ordered the closure of 13 industries in UP, The industrial units which were ordered to be closed are Coral Newsprints Ltd, Kamakshi Paper Mill and Kaushambi Paper Mills with few other industry. At present, 823.1 million litres per day of untreated sewage and 212.42 MLD of industrial effluents flow into the Ganga river, while three of the four monitored Sewage Treatment Plants were noncompliant with the set standards.

Water is precious resource without any substitution. Our Ignorance to water treatment could lead us in a situation where contaminated ground water will be on our dining table one day. On the occasion of ‘World Environment Day’, a large number of events have been organized across the world just to create awareness about reducing natural resources such as ‘water’, but it is the matter of sad that still Indian industry is not responsive on this serious issue. The industry needs to achieve the ‘zero liquid discharge’ at any cost. Employ the best technologies to filter out the effluents and use that filtered but non-potable clean water in industrial process again and again.

Use fresh water in limited manner and avoid discharge of waste water into river. Although the best water treatment technologies may be expensive but treatment in cluster or combined treatment give feasibility to adopt best technologies at low operating cost and makes it affordable for any industry. In other words “if there is will, there is a way”. If industry ignores this serious issue, Pollution Board will close down their industry or impose heavy penalty as government is very sensitive on this issue. No Industry wants to see itself close down and loose such a business opportunity where market demand is going upward. So Think again. Thanks

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