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APPTA’s Webinar: Best Practices in Paper Industry- Wet End Section

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APPTA’s Webinar: Best Practices in Paper Industry- Wet End Section summary

APPTA’s Webinar: Best Practices in Paper Industry- Wet End Section

15th August 2021 | The Pulp and Paper Times

Association of Pulp & Paper Technology (APPTA), Dandeli organised another Webinar on August 15, 2021 on the topic of Best Practices in Paper Industry- Wet End Section. This marks the first anniversary of a series of Webinars and other exciting activities initiated by the Alumni of Pulp & Paper Technology Institute from Dandeli. 

The event started with National Anthem followed by the introduction of Master of Ceremony (MC) Mr. Nagaraj Janney (Proprietor at Safe Pack, Shimoga, Karnataka).

The first paper was presented by the guest speaker Mr. Jouko Hautala who is the founder member of PR Pulping Oy, Finland. The topic of the presentation was: SimplyOne®- Newest Pulping Technology for Recycled Paper. During the webinar, Mr. Hautala explains that SimplyOne® is a lean concept performing multiple tasks in a single device during the wastepaper pulping process. It consists of two pulpers with coarse screening rotor units with heavy reject removal and very effective reject washer with sand removal. The concept is expected to greatly benefit the paper industry by means of 15-40% reduction in investment, energy, maintenance costs to the OCC line.

The second paper was presented by Mr. Keshav Joshi who is currently working as Chief Manager- Technical & Marketing with Deepak Nitrates Limited. The topic of his presentation was Optical Brighteners/Fluorescent Brightening Agents.

The paper explained about the importance of OBA/FBA in papermaking along with the detailed chemistry to make the products effective to the maximum extent possible. The composition of Stilbene based OBA molecule (DASDA) was explained that was followed by differentiation of different types of OBA based on the sulphonic groups. Important concepts such as greening effect were touched upon that was followed by a case study around OBA application and maximum value creation to the paper maker. 

The third paper was presented by Mr. C.B. Naik who is currently working as Senior Consultant at Elof Hansson. The topic of his presentation was Role of Refining for Quality Stock.

Mr. Naik explained the audience that refining is often considered to be the heart of papermaking and it is important to maintain the right refining conditions to product good quality paper. The paper involved topics such as introduction to refining, operational variables, refiner plates and optimising TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) /VDO (Value Driven Objectives) with case studies. The fine bar technology leading to reduction of specific refining energy along with optimized plate metallurgy depending upon the furnish conditions are a couple of examples to derive maximum advantage from the refining concept.

After the Q&A session, the session moderators announced the Winners of Slogan Contest organised on the eve of Papers Day. The winners of the contest (Mr. Kapil Dev Sohal, Ms. Rithika Hebbar, Ms. Lalitha Vaidyanath) were felicitated with digital certificates and gift vouchers. During the vote of thanks, the audience were appraised about the upcoming activities of APPTA along with a call to follow on social media and professional platforms such as Facebook, LinkedIn, etc. for future updates. The organisers specially thanked Mr. Nilesh Walke (Business Developer, Roquette Limited) for all the excellent background work. 

The session was moderated by Mr. Raghavendra Hebbar (Head Technology & Development at JK Paper Ltd) and Mr. Amit Dholakiya (Global Manager Technical Services & Business Development at Minerals Technologies Inc). 

The organizing team shared a video presentation of the journey of APPTA over the past year followed by an obituary to the eminent personalities in the Indian paper industry who lost the battle to Covid-19 over the past year. 

The event was quite successful with attendees from all fraternities (students, paper industries, allied industries, press, etc.) benefiting from the proceedings.

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