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LIPY Group is heavily investing in setting up a coating machine line, aiming to tap specialty paper market

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LIPY Group expanding into coating section.

LIPY Group is heavily investing in setting up a coating machine line, aiming to tap specialty paper market

-Installing a 800 tonnes-a-day coating line to produce art paper, glossing paper, cup stock, coated paper, label paper, barrier coated paper, white top test liner, etc.

Dhaka | Bangladesh | 1st October 2021 | The Pulp and Paper Times:

Last year, Bangladesh’s leading conglomerate with national and international wide enterprises, LIPY Group successfully diversified into paper manufacturing. LIPY Group has completed the installation process on PM-1, and started the commercial production of writing and printing paper from December 2020 onwards.

Gauging the increasing demand of multiple specialty paper grades in Bangladesh, India, and other Asian countries markets, LIPY Group has planned to invest CAPEX INR 200 crores in setting up an 800 TPD coating machine line to produce various specialty paper grades.

Talking to The Pulp and Paper Times from Bangladesh, Mr. Shahriar Hasan Khan, Dy. Managing Director of LIPY Group said that yes, we are planning to produce six different specialty paper grades comprising art paper, glossing paper, barrier coating paper (cup stock), coated paper, label paper, and white top test liner. Right now we have one paper machine (PM-1) of writing and printing grade and we are giving extension to PM-1 by setting up a coating machine line to produce multiple specialty grades of paper.

The new coating machine will be capable to produce 45 to 350 GSM papers of various grades also having the same width of PM-1.

Describing about the coating machine specification, Mr. Khan says, this will be a two + two coating machine, to be bought from Voith. There will be two coating on top and two coating on bottom; overall we can do 40 GSM coating on the paper. We are also buying a super calendar along with the machine from Voith.

The new machine will have a rewinder either from Valmet or Metso.

“With this machine, we will be able to produce label paper which is in high in demand, lots of soft drink and mineral water companies are slowly moving towards using an environmentally friendly label made of paper on the bottle instead of a plastic label which is not biodegradable, this is like a new generation coating paper and we will be able to make this. This label paper needs super calender to achieve a super glossy and shiny look” Mr. Khan said. The new coating machine can achieve maximum speed uo to 1400 m/m.

LIPY Group is targeting to start this machine in around May 2022, “the land development work is going on and next month we are expected to start construction work” Mr. Khan informed. 

In 2020, LIPY Group commissioned its first paper machine of writing and printing paper with 60,000 TPA capacity. This new machine had a finished deckle size of 3.3 meters and, is capable of producing paper between 25 to 180 GSM ranges. This new machine is capable to manufacture various grades of paper like cigarette paper, glossy paper, virgin liner, uncoated board, copier etc.

Currently, LIPY Group is exporting the paper to various countries including India also. “Keeping in mind the Covid pandemic and digital advent in various fields, we are assuming that in next five years the demand of writing and printing paper is supposed to come down by 60 percent then what is it right now. We have to prepare immediately to tackle the situation. The demand of specialty grade is set to grow multifold” Mr. Khan said.

There has been lots of import of specialty papers in Bangladesh and LIPY Group is going to be first paper mill to tap this market.


“There is a crisis of good quality coated paper, especially after COVID, demand has grown up multifold. In India, China and Europe everywhere traders and converters are asking for good quality coated paper” Mr. Khan concluded. 

LIPY Group is also seeking to go expansion of PM-2 after the commissioning of the coating machine. “We were thinking for Kraft paper production on PM-2, but in Bangladesh, lots of new capacities are coming up in this segment, so we have to wait and watch the market scenario before taking any decision” Mr. Khan informed.  

Coated paper has an agent added to its surface in order to improve brightness, smoothness, or other printing properties. Once coating is applied to the paper, rollers help to “polish” the paper.  It fills in the tiny pits and spaces between the fibers, giving it a smooth, flat surface.

About LIPY Group: 

It all started in 1989 with one product and only one brand. but today, Lipy Group is a conglomerate with national and international wide 8 enterprises and 500 well-trained professionals. With its clear structure and pioneering corporate philosophy, the Lipy Group has been an independent family company and a successful player in the market for more than 35+ years and is still evolving sustainably today.

The journey of Lipy Group from Shoyeb Boulder Crushing Industry to Paper Manufacturing is full of honesty, innovations and accomplishments. 

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