Paper Industry and Forest, Impact of Paper Making on Forest, What does paper industry say ?

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Read Editorial, Subject: Green Side of Paper Making, Written by: Editor, News Magazine: The Pulp and Paper Times.

Don’t be presenting ‘Green’ Side

The recent decision of Bombay High Court’s halting the use of virgin fiber made paper in printing of Balbharati’ Text book. The decision would immediately impact on the production of writing printing paper in the western region. Somehow if we analyze and measure this decision in the light of paper awareness, will find that people of this country still illiterate on account of paper manufacturing. On November 24, a division bench of Justice B R Gavai and Justice V M Deshpande ordered, “We direct that the tenders, if not finalised, shall not be finalised.” Sovani, who filed the PIL through his advocate, Alok Daga, largely focused on how the virgin pulp paper is detrimental to the environment, arguing in favour of recycled paper. The department publishes around 19 crore textbooks every year. This will be our failure as industry collectively. Today, Paper Industry’s total worth would be around Rs. 50,000 Cr. contributing less than 0.5 percent in to the GDP.

Paper is still hazardous to Environment as presumed or you can say it’s a win of a mentality that thinks we are doing well for ‘Environment’. If the HC’s order implement in Maharashtra, would pamper other states’ NGO and educationist to knock the door of their High Court on the basis of Bombay HC’s halting. Paper industry is not lazy but less focused and motivational in presenting of their ‘green’ side of paper manufacturing at public platform. We have to syndicate for paper awareness among the public otherwise our substitutive industry will replace us in few years or down us out of margin. Time has come that Big giants of paper manufacturing should channelize considerable amount under CSR for ‘Consumption of Paper awareness programme.’ Electronic and Digital Media are the threats to Paper industry but we can use them as boon for us. A small corporate film issued in Public Interest over ‘Paper Awareness’ in TV could draw the attention of millions of common people.

YouTube where every day 100 crore people visits and spend 10 to 15 minutes of their valuable time could be proven as cheap and best way of spreading paper awareness. We hope, the results would evaporate myth about Paper is hazardous to Environment.


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