Free Email Service, Impact of Free Email Service in Business

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Read the editorial, Subject: Free Email Account, News Magazine: The Pulp and Paper Times, Issue: September-October, Year: 2017.

A Free Email Account to give downside Business growth

You must be surprised to read this kind of editorial but it is fact that Today’s time is the era of technology & medium of communication has been shifting from paper based to internet based. The internet based medium not only speed up the growth of the industry but gives ease to remove unnecessary communication. Many companies are providing free email accounts such as gmail, yahoo, rediffmail, hotmail and many more for individual use but lot of companies are using these email accounts for commercial activities and dragging themselves into unexpected business losses. Many companies are using following kind of free email accounts such as,, and after using it for some time they later change it and create new email accounts on same pattern because email accounts are free of charge. In case of Free email account, the probability of receiving emails into InBox is 20 to 25% only (Considering the folders created by service providers according to the incoming mail nature) while in paid email accounts it is 70% to 90%.

Similarly the response rate of incoming emails in free email account is 20 to 25% and upto 90% in paid email accounts. That’s why, while sending email to the free email account it is necessary to follow up the client on phone also otherwise your sent email will get wasted. How fraud are executed?, Many genuine companies communicate to their customers in an unorganized way using above said email accounts and nobody knows many fraud companies execute the deal with your prospective customers in name of your company through creating same kind of email accounts with better user name.

They cheat the customers in name of your company and run away. According to an internet research, fraud companies use large number of free email accounts or more than which are in name of famous companies and genuine companies which are not active on internet such as, But in case of paid email accounts such as, where your domain is approachable towards your company’s online profile (website). In this case, probability of happening fraud in name of your company is very less. For better business growth in long term, paid email accounts give upside growth than free email accounts which give negative growth. Now a day, competition is on the peak and no company wants to loose a single buying enquiry. Business gets closed because companies do not have job to execute. So think about it. .. .Editor

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