Global Kraft Paper Invests Rs. 18 Cr. for 100 TPD Kraft Paper Productions

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Global Kraft Paper Invests Rs. 18 Cr. for 100 TPD Kraft Paper Productions

Shirdi | 01, Nov 2018 | The Pulp and Paper Times

The capacity deficit in China and local market demand is attracting investors in paper production. “The preference for biodegradable and sustainable packaging is growing with increasing awareness regarding the negative impact of packaging solutions on the environment, due to use of plastic and other such non-biodegradable products among the consumers and growing preference for paper based packaging. Consumers are turning their loyalties towards eco-friendly products. Kraft paper is one such product which is used for packaging nowadays” explained by Mr. Sunish Kadu, Managing Director of Global Kraft Paper Mill Pvt. Ltd.

“Packaging paper market is growing up to 7% per annum promising a decent return on your investment. If your investment is safe in an industry where growth looks sustainable, you must take risk to go ahead. We are expected to foray an investment of Rs. 18 cr. for producing multi wire 100 TPD kraft paper manufacturing plant in Maharashtra. The application for pollution certificate with concerned authority has already been filed and is likely to obtain the certificate in mid November.” Mr. Kadu told.

“The construction works for the highly automatic plant is likely to start from next year. We are purchasing the plant and machinery from Punchtech Engineering while dryers will be procured from China and rest is to be sourced indigenous. We are expected to commence commercial production from Mid 2019” Mr. Kadu informed.

Indian paper industry is poised to grow and touch 25 million tonnes from 20.37 million tonnes to 2019-20 from 2017-18 at the rate of 10% per annum, according to The Associated Chambers of Commerce and Industry of India (ASSOCHAM) .

“Our target is to produce paper in between 120 to 240 GSM. The deckle of the machine will be 3.2 meter (finished) and speed is designed up to 180 m/m. Kraft paper will be based on recycle fibre to be sourced from India and overseas market.” Mr. Kadu informed.

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