Nvesons Paper Mill is Ready with 100 TPD Paper Production

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Find the new paper mill news, paper mill name: NVEsons Paper Mill, Mill Location: Dholpur (India), Paper Quality to be made: Kraft Paper.

Nvesons Paper Mill is Ready with 100 TPD Paper Production

Dholpur | 16, December 2018 The Pulp and Paper Times

In above picture: Karan Khanna (L) and Vineet Khanna (R)

Fetching of more of more kraft paper by China to fulfill its internal demand is proving 'silver' to Indian paper industry. “Packaging paper demand is growing day by day and it will be sustainable in coming future. The domestic paper sector is on a roll with prices buoyant, demand steady and exports growing. Policy changes in China and global trade issues have also helped” Explained by Mr. Karan Khanna, Director of a newly setup paper mill NVESONS.

Situated at Dholpur, this new 100 TPD paper mill is aiming to produce paper for domestic as well as export market. “Our Stat-of-art paper mill is expected to start production in February 2019. We have invested Rs. 22 Crore for producing high strength paper between 80 to 300 GSM range and BF will be 16 to 24. Our Kraft paper will be having local standard colour and corrugators will get the quality what we promise to them” said Mr. Khanna. 

Nvesons has indigenous plant and machinery supplied by NKR Engineers. The machine deckle is 4 meter (Finished) and speed is designed at around 300 m/m. This QCS integrated new paper mill will have all the modern components to achieve the higher quality paper. “Our first 'Motto' is quality and with quality only we want to grow. We don't want to compromise on quality manufacturing and for that we have placed all the equipments like scanner, size press, dryer and sensors etc to achieve high grade paper” told by Mr. Khanna 

The paper sector is doing well in the past one and half years and the trade war between the US and China has aided this growth. But we need to factor in the cyclical nature of the paper sector,” he cautioned. The industry is globally competitive but more needs to be done in automation and extensive use of data for greater efficiencies, he said.  

Nvesons will be using Indian and Imported waste paper as raw material. “We have not purchased the pulp mill as we are already pulp maker, so our expertise in pulp manufacturing will be used in paper production” Mr. Khana said. New paper will be generating 100 to 120 people employment in the region and is expected to invest further in enhancing the capacities.        

The packaging industry plays a crucial role, adding value to various manufacturing sectors including agriculture, pharma, retail, FMCG, to name a few. Basically the market has been growing due to solid demand from food and pharma industries. The paper packaging market contributes more than 30% to overall packaging market share and dominates other packaging domains. 

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