Main equipments

Disc filter-2 nos / MAC cell-1 / Screw Press-1 / Hot Disperser-2 nos / CH7 Horizontal Screen, Hot water Tank, etc.,

The major equipment are as mentioned above, along with them there are accessories like piping, Valves and control Intruments, Centrifugal Pumps etc.

Other than the above there are some miscelaneous equipment which are removed from the paper machines and other departments and kept in yard for sale as listed below

B) Miscellaneous equipments

1) Vacuum pump with pulley  1 no                2) Rewinder drums (1 set)       2 drums

3) Pressure screens                9 nos              4) Press & dryer felt rolls        29 nos

5) MCC Panels                       1 lot                6) MPact breakers                  14 nos

7) Switch gear panels             4 nos              8) Chip washers                      1 no

9) Baby Lathe machine          1 no   

For more details, kindly contact

Mr P. Shashidhar

Senior Manager Materials

ITC Ltd-PSPD, Unit Bhadrachalam

Mobile 9121277994


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