Bashundhara Paper has planning to incorporate new machineries; Reports 43 percent growth in Net profit in FY 20-21

- During the year the BPML confirmed 8.63% revenue growth comparing to previous year and its exporting destination stood in 50nos.

Dhaka | January 2021 | The Pulp and Paper Times: 

Having positioned in a fast-growing market set, Bashundhara Paper Mills Ltd. (BPML) has been relentless over two decades to offer its diversified products ranging from different types of Paper, Tissue & Hygiene portfolio, thereby it has rightly been entrusted from customers’ fraternity of home and abroad. Despite the pandemic restriction, BPML has managed to secure its growth path by registering 43 percent growth in net profit after tax for the year ended on 30th June 2021. 

“Standing with an unpredictable hard wind of global pandemic Covid-19 situation for last two financial years, your company engaged all its efforts to overcome the global challenges. This unpredicted public health crisis soon morphed in to an economic upheaval, as governments enforced stringent lockdowns the world over to contain the spread of the virulence. Such shutdowns crimped trade and commerce mostly severely in the year 2021 and resulted in major global economic declaration. In spite of such limitation of global activities the company has taken it’s an opportunity to improve its business strategy, risk and crisis management to sustain in the global race.” Said Mr. Ahmed Akbar Sobhan, Chairman – BPML in the Annual report for FY 20-21

At present, Bashundhara Paper is the trusted source of volume Paper-needs of both Government level and, while keep general consumers pace of exporting to over 50 different global destinations.

With the theme of this report Retention to Success, the Bashundhara Paper Mills Limited has come in to fourth year in the capital market of Bangladesh. The company takes the pride of its 28 years’ glorious track-record.

As the leading industry in the Bangladesh, BPML has designed a business model for sustainable growth and continues to develop its presence in the markets, particularly in the paper, tissue and allied products. In its paper and tissue and allied businesses, the company sees a huge opportunity to develop by leveraging the competencies in both mature and emerging markets. Sustainable development is integral to the success of the business and its ability to create value.

Mr. Ahmed Akbar Sobhan further stated that, at the same time, the team paying its highest attention to develop the quality of products with an affordable price for all segments of our customers even this global pandemic and introduced some new product for the customers. During the year the company confirmed 8.63% revenue growth comparing to previous year and its exporting destination stood in 50nos. destinations around the world. It takes as the responsibility to engage itself to ensure the strategic planning in alignment with the customer’s needs and demand in competitive market so that, can possible to ensure the return on investment to the shareholders and achieve the ultimate organizational goal. 

Mr. Safwan Sobhan, Managing Director – BPML said, “Despite the affected by the global pandemic the production capacity of BPML has increased around 8% than previous year, and we ensured the quality of products considering the demand. The Bangladesh economy managed to experience a moderate 5.47% GDP growth in FY 2020-2021 while the BPML has contributed an industry highest BDT 1,069.98 million to the national exchequer during the year under review.”

Disclosing BPML’s future course of action, Mr. Ahmed informed the shareholders that BPML has planning to incorporate new machineries for its production, which expecting the product quality will increase and have a positive impact in product pricing. The R & D division also engaged its full effort to introduce new products with the existing. The company also emphasized to discover the new export destinations for its products.

“By changing our business strategy and efficacy the Net Profit After Tax stood in 43% growth by adding BDT 125.35 million then previous year. The uninterrupted production and timely delivery are the tradition of this company. On the other hand, our export revenue has increased around 38% by adding BDT 270 million comparing to previous year.” Said Mr. Safwan Sobhan, Managing Director – BPML in the report

Some core products of this company Bashundhara Paper, Bashundhara Tissue, Bashundhara Diapant has awards as the honor of excellence “Superbrand” during the year. Bashundhara Tissue has honored as “Asia’s Greatest Brand and Leaders for 2020-2021”. And it was possible for tremendous efforts and support of our resilient workforces and strategic decision of the board in this tumultuous period.

Production and Sale:
In spite of challenge of Covid-19, the product line of BPML was on full swing except the lock-down period and able to produce 98,790 MT finished goods of papers, sack, sludge, board & tissue papers and in the hygiene segment the production was around 3,644.26 MT during the period under review which was the 68% average of production capacity.

In FY 2020-2021, BPML was able to earn the net revenue by sale of paper and paper products amounting to BDT 9,282 million which was BDT 8,544.46 million in the FY 2019-2020 which was increased by 8.64% from previous. BPML also engaged its expert team to monitor the emergence of new competitions and risk issues. Although the global crisis, the export of this company increased by 37.07% than previous year and the export was 10% considering domestic and foreign revenue.

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