Paper Mills Roll Back 15% Price Hike on Finished Paper

Kolkata, June,10, 2016 : After Corrugated Box Industry’s strong protest, Paper Mills in West Bengal have been forced to roll back their kraft paper price hike by 15% comes at 10%. Since December 2015, Paper mills in the state have increased the price of Kraft paper by 25% due to hike in price of waste paper which in turn has triggered the escalation of Kraft paper prices by leaps and bounds. The fact of the matter is that the quantum of increase in the paper prices is highly disproportionate to the rise in waste paper prices. Talking to The Pulp and Paper Times, president of Eastern India Corrugated Manufactures Association (EICMA) Mr. Milan Dey said “They have come down by 15%, waste paper prices have not increased to that tune what paper mills hiked. We also sell waste paper and there was minor price hike.”

Mr. Dey informed “The Corrugated Box industry comprising of Micro to Small Scale entrepreneurs has suffered immensely,  the situation was critical and the very survival of the industry encompassing about 750 Units in the Eastern Region & livelihood of 35000 families directly dependent on it is under threat.  Corrugated Box Manufacturers have been serving its’ clients as one of the most crucial supply chain partners to provide an eco-friendly alternative to wooden packaging. However, association is seem to be excited that if Monsoon comes up with above average, the financial year 2016 -17 may see the 20 to 30 % growth in corrugated box Consumption. On newly elected Mamta Banerjee’s govt framework of promoting the industrial growth in the state Mr. Dey stated that there are no particular policies for improving the paper mill profit. Govt. is fully supporting to us. They want us to be self sufficient. She has done single window licensing and online application system. She is more pro- industry.           

Web Title: Paper Mills Roll Back 15percent Price Hike on Finished Paper

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