Century Pulp and Paper's Q3 revenue surges 24%, Foresees stable WPP demand in Q4 via Government Tenders

• Q3 FY24 Sales volume increased by 24% as compared to Q3 FY23. 
• Sales Turnover in Q3 FY24 increased by over 10% as compared to Rs. 799 Cr. in Q2 FY24. 
• Capacity utilization in Q3 FY24 was 104% as compared to 89% in Q2 FY24.

The Pulp and Paper Times | 2nd Feb 2024

Nestled at the foothills of the Himalayas in Lalkua, Uttarakhand, Century Pulp and Paper (CPP) stands out as a prominent player in the industry. With a strong focus on quality, CPP has established itself as a renowned producer of premium writing and printing paper, board, Rayon Grade Pulp, and tissue products. CPP reports a remarkable growth in its revenue for the Q3 FY24.

Commenting on the Q3 FY24 results, Mr R. K. Dalmia - Managing Director, Century Textiles and Industries Limited (CTIL) said- "The company has showcased a remarkable turnaround this quarter as a testament to its resilience. Stellar performance by Pulp and Paper business achieving higher production levels and sales volumes this quarter, as a result of various strategic initiatives.

CPP's submission to SEBI says, "Writing & Printing paper demand is expected to stabilize through government tenders in Q4. Adequate supply of Copier and Non-copier paper imports from ASEAN countries to impact price corrections despite marginal revival of seasonal demand. Exports demand expected to revive with better realization."

"The rise in Tissue paper demand is expected to sustain in Q4. Our focus would be more on improving domestic sales as well as strengthening export volumes for better realizations. Competitively priced imports from ASEAN countries are expected to marginally impact realization in domestic markets," it added.

Board demand to remain stable in Q4 with positive market sentiments in Pharma, FMCG and F&B sectors. Export demand expected to improve in Europe and USA markets. Overall export orders expected to increase in anticipation of price increases due to the supply chain disturbances caused by ongoing gee-political tensions.

Over the past year, the Pulp and Paper business has remained committed to the core values of Century Textiles and Industries Limited (CTIL) and has worked tirelessly to ensure that the vertical is on the forefront of the pulp & paper industry. The vertical does this by developing a good balance between commercial success and social and environmental responsibility

Web Title: Century Pulp and Paper's Q3 revenue surges 24%, Foresees stable WPP demand in Q4 via Government Tenders

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