Survival in the paper industry hinges on staying at the forefront of technological developments, says Rahul Khanna of Khanna Paper Mills

- Emphasizes Technology and Environmental Responsibility in Recycling Industry
- Recycling Industry Adapts to Technological Advancements and Focuses on Environmental Stewardship
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The Pulp and Paper Times:

Rahul Khanna, Ed of Khanna Paper Mills, highlighted the evolving landscape of the recycling industry, stressing the critical role of technology and the growing importance of environmental responsibility during a panel discuss at Paperex 2023. Speaking in line with recent comments from Mr. Pawan Agarwal about the industry's upward trajectory, Khanna shared insights into the challenges and opportunities facing the recycling sector.

Mr Khanna began by underscoring that 75% of the raw material used is now based on recycled materials. This shift, though bringing exceptional challenges, aligns with the industry's increasing focus on sustainability. He acknowledged the volatility in the recycling market, citing challenges related to quality and technology.

Drawing inspiration from established wood-based mills like ITC, JK, and TNPL, traditionally not involved in recycling, Khanna emphasized the importance of technological advancements. He stated that the efficiency and technology of operations are paramount, regardless of whether the raw material is recycled or wood pulp. Khanna noted that survival in the industry hinges on staying at the forefront of technological developments.

He pointed out that the industry is likely to witness more consolidation in the future, emphasizing the need for all players to adapt to evolving technologies to stay competitive.

In addressing the challenges of recycling, Khanna revealed that Khanna Paper is continually reinventing its processes. The company is focused on increasing yield and minimizing wastage in response to historical challenges in the recycling industry. By doing so, Khanna Paper aims not only to enhance environmental sustainability but also to improve overall business efficiency.

Expressing the importance of environmental responsibility, Khanna highlighted that the present era is one of the best times for the environment-business relationship. He noted a shift in perspective, where environmental improvements now contribute to business improvement rather than being perceived as a cost. Khanna emphasized that the company is actively prioritizing environmentally friendly practices, especially given its location in the center of a city.

Concluding his remarks, Rahul Khanna expressed gratitude and reinforced the commitment of Khanna Paper to continuous innovation, technological advancement, and environmental stewardship. The industry, he stated, must adapt to these changes to thrive in the evolving landscape.

Web Title: Survival in the paper industry hinges on staying at the forefront of technological developments, says Rahul Khanna of Khanna Paper Mills

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