“Our paper machinery business growth is continuously increasing because of low price, small profits, transparency and honesty” 

Recently, The Pulp and Paper Times takes an exclusive interview of Mr V K Agarwal founder of Pap-Tech Engineers & Associates and discussed the various technological development in paper machine market. Here is full interview:

Q: Please give us a small introduction of Pap-Tech Engineers & Associates

Pap-Tech Engineers  and Associates  is a company  started  in 1993  with small budget high quality paper testing equipments under the guidance  of Mr. V K Agarwal  paper technologist. We  have a  team  of  engineers  with 35 years  experience  in mechanical  electrical  electronics  and it  backgrounds . Mr. V K Agarwal did  from IIT Roorkee  in 1987  batch   we have a team of designers and engineers for  fast after sales service.

also we have  done big market camp  for consistency  control , basis weight valve, head box control and auto guide.

company started  paper machine manufacturing with ex mechano and ex servall  engineers in 1997    and  we are also importing paper  machines and spare parts new and second hand from different countries to  provide  better quality control better production and better after sales services we also provide etp equipments. now me (mr. v k agarwal) and my son (mr. ravi agarwal) leading our company along our skilled and trained staff. 

Q: Please shed some light on the Paper Machinery Market post-COVID, What is the situation?

Yes  covid was really  a big problem  in first and second quarter  of 2020  but after  second  quarter  market revive  in 2020-2021  our business  was  50  percent more  because of our quality and service.  We have  supplied  lot of materials to paper mills like drying cylinders, combination rolls,  suction rolls, dandy rolls, pressurised head box,  hydraulic head box, and double knife cutters.

In 2021-22  our business  was around double than what in 2019-2020. Basically  India has a big profit market  for paper  mills  and paper machinery business  if you work hard with honesty. We have supplied complete new paper machine for tissue and poster  paper for 40 tpd  in 3500 mm trim width. We have also done complete renovation job for second hand kraft paper mill  by adding some new equipments  and  machinery.  Now paper mill is making 450 tpd  in 4500 mm width  and making  big profits.

Q: What obstacles do you see in paper mill operations which stop a paper mill from growing with better margins?

Paper  mills are  growing faster if they pay attention on quality.  Market is not a problem .  No doubt profit margins have reduced due to healthy competition in every field. Your efficiency of production should be 110 percent with quality. Major obstacle  is availability of quality  waste paper, runnability of machines because of poor selection of machines or  workman ship. Margins can be improved with latest technologies by making super quality paper. Every mill should invest 50 percent of net profits for upgradation of quality either on machine parts or raw material quality.

As  a paper technologist, i advice  paper mills  to adopt  latest technologies like top former  film press  suction press shoe press blade coaters hydraulic head box high speed rewinders  and syncrofly cutters.

Q: Any new technology, on which you are working and are going to deliver to the Paper Industry in the coming time? Any New product launch by you, please share

Yes  we  are working  on  suction rolls, film press, shoe press, combi blade coaters, multizone nipco soft nip, and hard nip calendars pressurised air cushion head box, hydraulic head box  and syncrofly cutters. We have already launched  film  press in four paper mills  in 2020, 2021, 2022 we will supply shoe press at economic prices to paper mills for more production and high quality.
Q: Do you think that investment in the best technology can improve the productivity and efficiency of a paper mill?

Yes  it is  sure  if paper  mills renovate them  with investment in best technology  like  top former  pressure, former  four wire,  suction rolls,  blade coaters, hard nip and soft calenders, film press , shoe press,  and better  converting  section  then  they can sell paper at higher prices for export quality  and get better  margins. We also  get better margins in export business  but quality should be best for export business.  

Q: What are your products offering to Paper Mills?

We have a wide range  of products  under one  roof  name Pap-tech engineers and associates. We have complete range of paper testing equipments basis weight valve consistency  control  auto guide  felt stretcher  wire stretcher. We have complete range of paper machines   from head box to pope reel  and high speed rewinder  inclusive of pressurised air cushion head box  hydraulic head box  combination roll suction roll top former dandy roll  pressure former jumbo press size press film press shoe press  drying cylinders yankee cylinders   gloss calendars  blade coaters  multi zone  nipco soft nip and hard nip calenders kuster type hard nip and soft nip calendars simple solid and steam calendars  pope  reel  and rewinders. We also provide converting units like high speed double knife cutters  and high speed rewinders.

We also  provide pulp mill and stock preparation equipments like  brown stock washer high speed washers  disc thickener  poly disc filter  various models  of high efficiency centricleaners  drum pulper d pulper  fractionators pressure screens and  high efficiency baskets slotted and holes  as per your sizes and drawings. We  also provide  used paper machines, used pulp mill,  used  pressure screens,  and  other equipments  a to z  from 50 tpd  to 800 tpd. We also provide consultancy services to paper mills for upgradation for quality and production.

Q: How do you execute the training and support post-sale of your delivery to the paper mill?

We have  a team  of dedicated  engineers from mechanical  and electronic  sides  with paper mill experience  so service is  not a problem  that  s why because of service and quality our business  in 2022-2023  will be four times than in 2019-2020  our  new projects in hand are  complete paper machine 100  tpd in 3400 mm finish width for writing and printing papers and another kraft paper packaging paper for 150 tpd in 3200 mm width our most of the customers are satisfied from us because of our after sales service.

Q: The trading of Paper Machines components and test equipment has increased nowadays. How do you evaluate the trading market of paper machines and its growth?

Yes  our business growth is continuously increasing because of low price  small profits  transperancy and honesty in business  and business is increasing every year. 
Also if we talk about in general market then yes the business is in growth for everyone who is working with honesty and providing good paper machines and equipments to paper mills and allied industries. Its all about building trust with your quality and services. 

Q. Are you looking for any kind of business joint venture related to any technology supply which will be beneficial for the paper industry?

Business joint ventures are always welcome. Joint ventures of business are always beneficial for paper industry all European and  Chinese manufacturers are advised to contact  us  any time on whatsapp or email for joint ventures  we have our residence and  offices in Jaipur and Delhi  and factory in Jaipur only. 
We can collaborate with you if you're providing good quality machinery along technology for improving Indian paper mills. 

Q. Digital inclusion makes an electronic instrument more advanced. How do you see the transformation journey of the process instruments and lab instruments in the last two decades?

As the paper industry is heading toward Industry 4.0 how the instruments made by Indian Manufacturers are compatible with meeting the requirement of Industry 4.0?
Yes you are right every year we are manufacturing new models nowadays we are manufacturing instruments with plc printer micro controlled based and nowadays we are in making of touchpad instruments with laptop as well. We can design any kind of instrument or equipment based on European technology and can provide after sales services.
Without improved digital technology in any field there is no scope or very less scope of business so yes everyone working on improving their technology and so we are as well. We works on making user friendly machines so anyone can use it easily like a mobile. 

Q. Do you deal in Used Paper Machinery supply? If yes then how do you analyze and strategize the selling of the used paper machinery in the context of the Indian Paper Industry?

Yes sir  used paper machine is a big market in India we supply used paper machines in India along with new machines from 50 tpd  to  800  tpd we also do renovation jobs  rectification jobs  and modification jobs by adding new equipments we basically believed in high-quality low price and more worth of your investment.
Moreover if such enquiries come to us that customer needs used paper machinery so we tell them to see the quality by themselves along us and if they like then only finalize. 
We provide consultation services at your door steps also to improve your production quality and finishing.

Web Title: Our paper machinery business growth is continuously increasing because of low price small profits transparency and honesty

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