Rastech Industries: launching a manufacturing venture for pulp and paper machines and planning to start operations by 2023

Our top 5 products are - Knife Gate Valves, Butterfly Valves, Ball Valves, Gate Valves and Globe Valves. 

In an exclusive interview with The Pulp and Paper Times, Mr Sanjay Mishra, Managing Director, Regent Hitech Pvt. Ltd., shares his thoughts on several topics, including paper market, digitization in paper mill operation, and valves market analysis. He also discusses Regent’s future growth strategy, expansion and potential for new products. Here is the whole interview he gave.

The Pulp and Paper Times | 2023:

Q: Give us a brief introduction of Regent Hitech Pvt. Ltd. (RHPL)?

Established in the year 1996, we, Regent Hitech Private Limited, have emerged as one of the leading manufacturers and exporters of Knife Gate Valves, Butterfly Valves, Check Valves, Industrial Ball Valves, Globe Valves, Gate Valves, Gun Metal and Brass Valve. The wide assortment of valves offered by us is suitable for meeting the varied requirements of different industries like paper, sugar, power, and chemicals. Our equipment is supplied across the globe with the assistance of our sister concern since 1974. These products are highly appreciated by our clients for their durability, reliability, and improved functionality.

Q: RHPL is one of the major manufacturers and suppliers of valves in India. What is your quick review of the present state of paper trade market scenario?

With “Make In India” campaign; India has shown tremendous growth in manufacturing as well as e-commerce. Given the population and huge potential of consumption as well as exports, we continue to remain bullish on paper trade as paper is necessary for everything. There might be short term sluggish periods of growth in general as any industry or sector goes through but paper industry continues to stay resilient and overcome these small struggles in the long term perspective.

Q: what transformation in paper mill operation do you see in the next ten years?

Currently, India has Papermill average production at 200-300 Tonnes per / day / Machine; But we are expecting the plant sizes to grow to 500-600 tonnes per day which will have energy efficient equipments and less utilisation of water as well as Air pollution.

Q: What is the role of digitization in paper mill operation? Where does Indian Paper mill stand in this digital era?

Paper Mill Industry is heavily dependent on traditional manufacturing with heavy machinery; while many aspects of these machineries are automated, there is no digitisation in day to day operation of the mills. But the digital industry comes in very handy to reach out to our international as well as domestic clientele and connect with them; we also use these digital mediums for new customer acquisition and constant customer feedback. Digitization has made the industry global - For example, we are able to communicate with a small paper mill in Egypt and show them our innovation and techniques through Zoom and this helps us not only to expand our horizons but also tap on to the clientele like never before.

Q: How do you execute the training and support post-sale of your delivery to the paper mill? Please describe RHPL’s top five products used by paper mills

We have been in the Paper Mill Industry for 40 years and as an organisation have been known for our solution-centricity. Our regular as well as new clientele always give us constant feedback and points of improvement. We also have a dedicated team of 14 to 15 people who go for regular site visits within their allocated regions for proper training and execution of our products.

Our top 5 products are - Knife Gate Valves, Butterfly Valves, Ball Valves, Gate Valves and Globe Valves. 

Q: Please shed some light on the Valves market post-COVID; what is the situation? How it is growing?

Covid was a tough time for all industries globally but as the saying goes “Tough times don’t last, tough people do” We are  extremely blessed that the slowdown that occurred during the covid period was overcome shortly thereafter and we are back to projecting 15% year on year growth 

Q: Any new technology on which you are working and will deliver to Paper Industry in the coming time?

Research and Development is a major part of Manufacturing. We are always looking for new and innovative ways to implement not just in our products but also the way we do things. Some of the projects that are currently underway are Valve Automation as well as manpower optimization. 

Q: Recently, RHPL performed ‘bhoomi Pujan’ for setting up pulp-mill machinery manufacturing. Please describe your plan, capacity, investment and expected date of start up of this expansion.

As an entrepreneur, every new setup is a dream come true and we are grateful to start our sister concern RASTECH Industries Private Limited for Pulp and Paper Machine recently in Greater Noida and we are expecting to start operations by November 2023.

B: The plan is to expand our company to new horizons and bring in International conglomerates to partner with their technology and our understanding of on ground situations - we can overcome most obstacles and emerge as pioneers in the industry. 

Q: There are some renowned manufacturers in pulp mill segment, what will be RHPL’s USP and strategy for capturing the market?

Technology, accuracy, experience, solution centricity and product optimisation are not just words for us but values we have stood by for the past 40 years. These values have been the pillars of our organisation and have resulted in making us stand out from our competition in the past and I am sure we will do the same in 40 more years to come. 

Q: There has been a perception among the top paper mills of India that the international paper technology suppliers are better than the domestic suppliers. What reason behind do you see?

This argument while controversial still might stand true in some context. While in India, we have heavy dependency on our man power; our counterparts abroad have used technology to get ahead in the manufacturing process. But I still believe that India has the talent, we just need to funnel enough funds for R&D and technological innovation. In the recent past, I have visited many international paper mills and I am proud to say that we are on the right path to give them a tough competition in the future.

Q: Return on Investment (ROI) has become an important issue as the paper industry is a capital-intensive industry; being a capital equipment supplier, how does RHPL ensure Paper Mills that the investment they made is secure.

If I have to answer this in one word I will say “Experience”

Demand and supply chain is something we have learned the hard way - through making and learning from our mistakes.

Q: Any acquisition of companies by RHPL to expand in other segments please describe.

We do not use acquisition as a channel of expansion. We believe in setting up very strong and unshakable foundations for our business first and then venturing into smaller subsidiaries under the parent company so that our old and new businesses remain resilient and strong.

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