Dynamic demands: NEPA can roll either newsprint or writing & printing & kraft paper

Withdrawal of export from China is expected to result in the flourishment of local market.

On completion of RMDP project at NEPA, The Pulp and Paper Times had the opportunity to interact with Cmde Saurav Deb, CMD - NEPA at the inauguration function. He sheds light on the new beginning of NEPA after the revival in the paper market. Here is his short interview:

NEPA Nagar | 8th August | The Pulp and Paper Times: 

Q: What is your quick review to present paper trade market scenario? About demand and supply dynamics of various grades of paper especially newsprint, writing & Printing Paper (WPP), and Kraft paper.

There is a huge demand has been created in the post pandemic arena, despite of the fluctuations in the pricing of certain vital commodities for paper making.  These fluctuation may settle down once demand and supply attains the equilibrium.   Though Kraft paper has last its race in the recent past, still Writing & printing and Newsprint markets are in upward trend which is an encouraging sign for the paper industries those who are depended on this grades.  

Q: Nepa has rolled the paper on PM-1. Please tell us about the grade and specification and how is the response from the market?

The paper was reeled in PM-1 on trial basis. We made 42/44 gsm newsprint grade paper meeting the standard quality parameters and exceeding expectations.  We have received a huge response from our regular clients, and many new clients/agents are showing great interest in our product. 
Q:  Russian Ukraine war has increased the imported newsprint price benefitting the local producers. How NEPA is exploring this opportunity, as NEPA is known for quality newsprint manufacturers?

The unstable conditions of the global newsprint market has not affected market demand except for the price increase in the raw material.   The withdrawal of export from China, has created some space in the market which is expected to result in flourishment of local market.

Q: NEPA  is now mulling buying paper waste directly from the residents of Nepanagar in the coming times. How will this initiative of NEPA change the image of the paper mill? Will this move of NEPA face opposition from the waste paper dealer community?

The move was to spread awareness among the localities and involve more and more women living in the region. The majority of the raw material still will be sourced from the waste paper supply channels only.

Q: NEPA was also in planning the roll Kraft Paper if WPP demand doesn’t get pickup. What is NEPA’s current review of WPP, and Kraft Paper is also touching to lower demand?

As stated already to meet the dynamic demands of the market, Nepa can roll either Newsprint, or Writing & printing & Kraft paper and the machines are already designed for the same.

Q: Any revenue target for FY 22-23? 

Yes, the company is targeting to achieve 100% capacity utilization it may fetch us revenue to the tune of Rupees 5000 lacs. 

Q: Any other feedback or comment you want to convey to the Paper industry?

The paper industry is facing a tougher time and a constant and innovative approach will result in a sustained growth.  Since the demand for the paper in India is still growing high & high there will be a better future for paper industry.   

Web Title: Dynamic demands: Nepa can roll either newsprint, or writing & printing & kraft paper

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