Bry-Air: Working on new age technologies like Lithium Batteries, Dry Rooms, Waterless Plastic Dryers, and Adsorption Chillers

-We are today the world’s fastest-growing adsorption technology group in the world. 

Recently, The Pulp and Paper Times interviewed Mr. Deepak Pahwa, Managing Director - Bry-Air (Asia) Pvt. Ltd. Mr. Pahwa sheds light on new developments being carried out in Bry-Air. Here is his full Interview:

April 2022 | The Pulp and Paper Times:
Q. Please give us a small introduction of Bry-Air Asia

Bry-Air is a company at the forefront of providing adsorption technology in India and across the world. Under the visionary leadership of Mr Pahwa, it is the fastest-growing company and till now has filed 132 patent applications for 13 new technologies, at the national and international level, 58 patents granted. The company was established in the year 1979 with Arctic India Sales which introduced dehumidification technology in India. Subsequently, Mr Pahwa set up Bry-Air (Asia), Desiccant Rotors International (DRI), Delair India, and Technical Drying services.

The company focuses on providing dehumidification solutions to various sectors with the help of energy-smart and green technologies. To stay ahead of the curve, Bry-Air also has a full-fledged R&D center that is recognized by the Department of Science and Technology, Government of India, and is undoubtedly one of the finest research centers in the industry.

Bry-Air has 4 state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities in India and over five decades of experience in applications, manufacturing, engineering, and R&D in the field of dehumidification & environment control solutions, with several patents to its credit. Bry-Air and its group companies offer a wide range of products catering to varied customer needs related to dehumidification, gas phase filtration, plastic drying and conveying, dry rooms for lithium battery production, and adsorption chillers. Bry-Air solutions are backed by intensive research and are highly customized and engineered to customer needs.

Q. Why Industrial Air Treatment should be mandatory? How can Air Treatment increase the efficiency of a Paper Mill?

The paper and pulp industry is a heavy processing industry. To ensure maximum operating efficiency and productivity, computer process control equipment is employed for integrated operations. These in turn are highly dependent on sophisticated electronic process control systems for optimal functioning. But the use of aggressive chemicals during pulp processing, loaded with the contaminant and corrosive gases coupled with high humidity and particulate contaminants have an endangering effect on the operations and the electronic devices. 

Corrosive gases can have adverse effects on the control rooms, server rooms, and DCS rooms as they can corrode process equipment, particularly sensitive electronic and electrical equipment in control systems. This can lead to irreversible damage by causing equipment failure ultimately accounting for either temporary discontinuity of processing or unplanned shutdowns resulting in loss of process efficiency and profitability. Therefore, industrial gas phase filtration equipment must be installed in the plants for the efficient removal of corrosive gases and odorous contaminants from the air. It ensures unchecked continuity of work which consequently adds to the profitability of the company throughout the year.  

Q. What are the problems you have seen in the paper industry in the context of the industrial air treatment, losses to the company because of this, and what are the solutions Bry-Air offers to eliminate the problems?

The inability to treat the industrial air can lead to destructive and unintentional degradation processes due to corrosion. It adds to the operational costs of the business and puts substantial pressure on the annual profitability. Corrosion also poses a safety threat in addition to the operational hurdles as the corrosion of electronic components and electric malfunction can give rise to various severe consequences. This mandates the costly replacement of equipment.  These unwanted malfunctioning can interrupt production, lead to a complete shutdown thereby, heavily impacting the revenue.

Providing solutions for air filtration treatment, Bry-Air offers products that measure and access corrosion levels to combat its menace. Gas Phase Filtration (GPF) backed up with corrosion coupon – the smallest product in the corrosion, the coupon is indicative of the presence of corrosive gases in a plant. The Atmospheric Corrosivity Monitor (ACM) under the brand notifies the corrosivity level in the plant. Both the products provide efficient results in detecting the corrosive gases.

Bry-Air offers end-to-end industrial air filtration solutions depending upon the level of movement. For low movement room like Computer/ Control Rooms, Rack Rooms, MCC locations, pressurization with chemically cleaned air is sufficient. High pedestrian traffic like Operator Control Rooms require air purification that is done with the help of re-circulation in addition to air pressurization. As the contaminants have the quality to get adsorbed on the clothes and body surface of plant personnel, Gas Phase Filtration Systems in addition to the pressurization equipment provide efficient solutions to de-sorb the contaminants.    

Q. Best Selling demands prompt after-sale services, how does Bry-Air manage after-sale services?

Bry-Air has a well-organized separate dedicated team called BryCare Service Team in each of its regions well-coordinated with the help of the service head which takes care of end-to-end customer services. We have heavily invested in the manpower and resources to make Bry-Asia a well-established company in the segment of quality air solutions. Along with GPF solutions we also have dehumidifier solutions for the paper mill industry. We have nine offices pan India pertaining to the GPF division only. 

Q. Bry-Air has been operating globally for many decades, In the context of High humidity, corrosive gases, and particulate contaminants, how does Bry-Air evaluate Indian Paper Industry in comparison to the European and American Paper Industry? 

 Irrespective of the country, the challenges faced by paper industry is similar across the globe. Given that the processing in the paper industry is responsible for the release of inherently toxic and harmful gases, effluents and corrosive gases, they pose serious threat to the electronic equipment, circuits and control rooms. These gases are responsible for micro-corrosion, equipment failure leading to the increased downtime of the machinery and equipment. Such conditions can give rise to situations of unwanted shutdowns and production loss which can have heavy implication on the revenue and profit of the company. 

Q. Bry-Air is enriched with a broad range of industrial products which address the various problems of the industries. What new product you are planning to launch? what market opportunity does attract Bry-Air (Asia) to work on this new product?

Bry-Air as an Indian company is a pioneer in advanced technology where it has a lot of international patents in the engineering space. As a frontrunner of technology in the engineering space, in near future, Bry-Air is all set to come up with an interesting product line for small server rooms for maintaining the air quality in the server room. Staying true to its philosophy of always believing in innovation, the company has been working on various advanced and new age technologies like Lithium Batteries, Dry Rooms, Waterless Plastic Dryers, and Adsorption Chillers. Going ahead, the company will be expanding its product and services catering to the different sectors and basis the customer’s needs and new day requirements.

Q. Currently, what market share does Bry-Asia hold in the Indian and international markets? What market share does Bry-Asia see in the next five years? 

We are the leaders in desiccant dehumidification and a global solution provider for humidity control and moisture removal across diversified industries be it pharmaceutical, food, lithium battery, electronic, automotive, defence, power, data centre, etc. Bry-Air Dry Room solutions are critical for lithium battery production, and we are today the world’s fastest-growing adsorption technology group in the world. 

At this point in time, the major business comes from the pharmaceutical and food industries. Bry-Air works with leading MNCs and Indian companies operating across diversified businesses. Over the past so many decades, we have maintained a legacy by providing the dehumidification solutions across countries, regions, and continents, and have maintained long term partnership with varied processors and exporters across industries.

Going forward, we anticipate that there will be a growing demand in the above sectors as well as boom in Data Centres, Electric Vehicles, Energy Storage in the coming months. We supply customized dehumidifiers with world-class technology to the company’s manufacturing various goods and products for diverse sectors.

Q. How does Bry- Air products give long life to a Paper Mill's Investment?

As mentioned above, for the paper and pulp industry, equipment downtime poses a serious threat to the overall business of the company. The effluents, toxic and corrosive gases like nitrogen oxides, volatile organic compounds, sulfur oxides, etc. released during the process are responsible for instrument failure, electronic corrosion that increase the downtime of the equipment and can even cause the shutdown of the factory. The solution provided by Bry-Air Gas Phase Filtration systems help in the elimination of these contaminants from the air which in turn enhance the lifetime of the equipment. Consequently, this has a positive impact on the investment, saving and profit of the paper plant.  

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