AFRY's David Powlson unveils promising future for India's paper sector amid global dynamics

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Mr David Powlson, Director, AFRY, the global engineering and design company, a groundbreaking outlook on the future of India's paper sector has emerged. After an extensive forecasting process spanning the next seven to eight years, Powlson reveals a robust view of the industry, emphasizing India's pivotal role in shaping the landscape of global paper demand.

The Pulp and Paper Times:

Unveiling the Global Paper Market Landscape

According to Powlson, the paper sector is experiencing varied trajectories worldwide. On a global scale, the industry is witnessing a 1% per annum growth, with nuances across different paper grades and geographical locations. Newsprint is facing a marginal decline, graphics paper is experiencing modest growth, while tissue emerges as a significant player, displaying substantial growth rates. However, it is packaging that takes the spotlight, contributing significantly to the overall growth volumes.

India: A Beacon of Growth

In this dynamic scenario, India emerges as the standout player, predicted to showcase the highest levels of growth globally. Despite newsprint facing a flat to marginal decline and graphics sector growth slowing down, the Indian paper market is set to soar. Tissue, in particular, is expected to witness an astounding 9% annual growth over the next seven to eight years, driven by a low consumption level that magnifies the growth impact. Additionally, packaging is projected to experience growth rates well above 5-6%, further solidifying India's position as a major contributor to the paper industry's expansion.

Factors Fueling India's Ascendancy

Several factors contribute to India's promising outlook, including its impressive GDP growth - the highest in the world at present. Population growth, environmental considerations, and sustainability concerns also play pivotal roles in propelling India forward in the paper sector. Paulson underscores the connection between GDP growth and paper demand growth, highlighting India's exceptional economic performance.

Challenges and Opportunities

While acknowledging past infrastructure challenges that hindered production growth, Paulson remains optimistic about India's future trajectory. He notes that the industry is poised for positive developments, driven by an overall growing economy, robust environmental policies, and a population that continues to expand.

In conclusion, AFRY's forecasting paints a vibrant picture of India's paper sector, presenting a compelling narrative of growth, sustainability, and economic vitality. As the nation solidifies its position as a key player in the global paper market, the world watches with anticipation as India's paper industry journeys toward a promising and prosperous future.

Web Title: AFRY's David Powlson unveils promising future for India's paper sector amid global dynamics

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